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Our flexible solutions are designed to convey different fluids and meet the needs of constructions world:-compressor hoses (at different working pressures);-water suction and delivery hoses;-hoses for abrasive products (also suitable for vacuum trucks and suction excavators);-specific hoses for sand blast operations, plaster and concrete placement;-VOLGA FRA hoses with over cover UNI PN 10 couplings easy to assemble, suitable to convey abrasive materials in demolition activities (flexible pipes at low expansion coefficient).

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Featured Construction Hoses

Rubber hoses for construction industry

Concrete pump hose line
air hose for construction
Cement sandblast rubber hose

JYM Industrial Rubber Hoses Guidelines to the Construction Industry

JYM produced industrial rubber hoses can serve construction industry 100% well. They are mainly divided into four types.

  • AIR family (Rubber Air  hose-Extruded and Mandrel Built )
  • Water family ( Water delivery hose, Water suction and discharge hose)
  • Abrasive Family (Cement hose, Concrete hose, Plaster hose, Sandblast hose, Concrete pump hose)
  • Truck Family (Bulk Material Suction and Discharge Hose)


  • JYM Rubber air hose is a kind of soft wall hose for compressed air with light traces of oil mist, normally used for heavy duty applications in road construction sites, quarries and mines. JYM Extruded rubber air hose with smooth surface with EPDM cover with superior weather resistance.
  • JYM can also produce high pressure yellow air hose with steel wire reinforced in order to meet some heavy construction equipment needs.
  • JYM Rubber water hose is a kind of soft wall hose for water, non corrosive fluids and compressed air,  used in construction sites, industries and agriculture.  Mainly is rubber water delivery hose and water suction and discharge hose. JYM water suction and discharge hose is a kind of hardball hose for suction and discharge of water and non corrosive liquids, suitable to be rolled up on hose reels, the robust construction enables the hose  to withstand its weight without flattering. they are typically used in construction sites and daylight mines to spray water in order to prevent the dust from raising and in carbon deposits.
  • JYM Abrasive family hose including Cement hose, Concrete hose, plaster hose, sandblast hose and concrete pump hose, and bulk material suction and discharge hose.
  • JYM research and develop the best sandblast hose in China according to ISO 4649 and DIN 53516 standards. JYM sandblast hose abrasion loss can reach max 50mm3 now. This soft wall hose used for the delivery of sand or cast steel shot, it is manufactured  with anti-static rubber compound.
  • JYM 40Bar Cement spraying hose is mainly used for the spraying of concrete, plaster and gypsum.
  • JYM bulk material suction and discharge hose is a kind of hard wall hose used for the suction and delivery of dry cement ,sand, gravel etc. Abrasion loss can reach 70+/-5 mm3