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Project Description

SAE J2064 R12 Air Conditioning Hose

SAE J2064 R12 Air Conditioning Hose

Inner Tube: NBR/CSM
Reinforcement: Reinforcement: Braided PET
Cover: EPDM
Working temperature: -40°C ~ +135°C
Refrigerant applied: R12
Features: Highly flexible all-rubber construction,Compatible with R12 refrigerants,Low permeability , Pulse -resistant, Aging resistant Ozone resistant, Shock resistant,Excellent resistance to heat and moisture ingression.

R12 Automotive Air Conditioning Hose

Deisgned for charging/recovery of refrigerant (R12, R22, R134a, R410a, R502, R404, R407, R1234yf) for wide range of automobile/household/precision air conditioning applications .

Air Conditioning Hose, which is also called refrigerant pipe, is used in automotive cooling, air-conditioning systems, industrial air conditioners filling and refrigerant conveying. The hoses can maximize the prevention of refrigerants because the layer in them has high and high anti-leakage effect.

Item Specification I.D. O.D. Working Pressure Burst Pressure
Code inch mm mm Mpa Mpa
8001001 5/16” 8±0.4 19±0.5 3.5 21
8001002 13/32” 10±0.4 22.3±0.5 3.5 21
8001003 1/2” 13±0.4 23.2±0.5 3.5 21

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