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Project Description

Food Suction And Discharge Hose

Food Suction And Discharge Hose

Application: FDA approved food hose designed for the delivery of fatty foods such as milk,edible oil,daily products etc.
Temperature range: -20℃(-4℉)to 80℃(+176℉)
Tube: White,smooth,NBR food quality rubber.
Reinforcement: High strength synthetic cord and helix wire.
Cover: Smooth(wrapped finish),synthetic rubber,weathering resistant.
Optional Request: Standard F.D.A.Title21,177,2600 Corrugate(wrapped finish)

Food Suction And Discharge Hose

This ultra-flexible food hose was designed for milk, fruit juices, soft drinks, beer, wine, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other non-oily food products. Smooth cover provides extreme flexibility while minimizing bacteria build-up often found in corrugated hoses. Manufactured on stainless steel mandrels for an ultra-smooth bacteria free tube that will not impart taste or odor.


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