JYM offers a complete product range for mining sector, suitable to convey different fluids:
flexible hoses for compressed air (also at high pressure with heavy traces of oil);
flexible water hoses;
flexible abrasive hoses;
flexible concrete hoses;
flexible chemicals and solvents hoses.

  • ANFO
  • Compressors
  • Crusher
  • Drilling
  • Rock Dust
  • Stone Cutting
  • Tunneling

Featured Mining Pipes

rubber hoses for mining applications

Concrete Pump Hose Supply
Cement Sandblast Rubber Hose
chemical resistant hose
Air Compressor Hoses

JYM Industrial Rubber Hoses Guidelines to the MINING Industry

JYM offers a complete product range for mining industry, suitable to convey different fluids:

  • Rubber hoses for Compressed Air
  • Rubber  hoses for Water
  • Rubber hoses for Abrasive
  • Rubber hoses for Concrete
  • Rubber hoses for Chemicals

All above rubber hoses used with compressors, crushers, drilling, Rock Dust, stone cutting tunneling.

JYM Fuel and Oil suction and delivery hose, available with a wide range of diameters.

The High quality air hoses for pneumatically operated units and tools are finely tuned to the requirements  of the specific industrial application. They are resistant to aging, weathering and oils, and are thus suitable for the transport of air that contains oil.

High flexibility and a hose outer coating with smooth surface texture that is resistant to soiling makes the hoses even more suitable for real-life applications.

Strong hoses for tough applications at all kinds of construction sites. they stand for top functionality and long service life.

Our hoses are used in the cleaning of building and facades.the processing of metal surfaces, iron foundries, bridge construction as well as structural and underground  engineering. Ideal for the conveyance of all conventional blasting material ( Blasting Grit, Corundum, aluminum oxide, quartz powder, etc.) as well as cement and concrete.