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R4 10 Hydraulic oil suction and delivery hose

R4 10 Hydraulic oil suction and delivery hose

JYM R4 10- Hydraulic Oil Suction and Delivery Hose
Application: Hard wall hose used for the suction and delivery of oil in hydraulic systems.
Temperature: from -40°C (-40°F) to +100°C (+212°F).
Tube: black, smooth, synthetic rubber, oil resistant (except ester base)..
Reinforcement: high strength synthetic cord plus steel helix wire.
Cover: black, smooth (wrapped finish), synthetic rubber, weathering resistant

SAE R4 Hydraulic Oil Hose

Low-pressure hydraulic return line or suction line for petroleum and water-based hydraulic fluids.
Oil rubber hose produced in JYM company has high gum content and excellent oil-resistance. The bending radius of the hose is small.


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