When trying to figure out what the best kind of camlock couplings suit your industrial rubber hoses. There are seven major sectors to think of to ensure you get the best quality hose assembly?

It is STAMPED, which means

S- size: the overall dimensions of the hose required for your particular needs.

T- Temperature: Ensuring that the parts will stand the temperatures they will be working at.

A- Application: what environment will the hose used in?

M- Material: what kind of compound or liquid will be processed through the system.

P- Pressure: how much pressure will be going through the system?

E- End: the fittings and connections (most important thread type)

D- Delivery: when will the system is expected on the job.

Those are the basics of finding a good coupling, but there is more to the world of camlock coupling than just the fit. You need to know the standards, the various fits and the inter-changeability of the fits for future proofing your business.


Mil-C-27487/En 14420-7/DIN 2828


Between manufacturers, cam and groove couplings are inter-changeable with the exception of 1/2″, 5″ and 8″


Hose shanks with larger ser-rations are not designed to be assembled with a ferrule or sleeve. Hose damage can result if they are swaged. The larger shand serrations will cut into the inner wall of the oil suction and discharge hose. In order to cause leaking or damage of hose. Please note that cam and groove couplings should never be used for steam or com-pressed air applications.