Industrial hoses mainly used as a hose for soft connection of equipment in various industries. Distinguished from hard tubes, industrial hoses also have excellent bend ability characteristics. Compared with civil hoses, the industrial working environment is more complicated and more rigorous, and the requirements of the equipment are more demanding. Therefore, industrial hoses have strict specifications from design, material selection to production, transportation and even final storage standard.

Industrial hoses are available in a wide range of sizes, pressure ranges and chemical resistance.

Industrial hose applications cover a wide range of industrial manufacturing and distribution areas, widely used in petroleum, chemical, marine, shipyard, tanker, agriculture, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries, as well as hot and cold water, steam, ventilation, cooling, fire protection , hydraulic, medium such as gas, water, fog, mud, sand, iron and so on.

One of the greatest uses of hoses is – in the simplest terms- to suck dirt, dust, debris, moisture and of course air! From collecting wood chips to clearing materials out of a sewer, material extraction duct has a wide array of applications that requires many specific tools to get the job done properly.


At JYM, we offer a large selection of rubber suction hoses with different characteristics to meet the particular demands of material handling situations. The sheer variety of application in which suction hoses can be used is itself daunting. From water removal on ships and boats to functioning as extraction duct in workshops and construction zones; the range of uses of suction commercial hoses can seem, at times, limitless. Our inventory of material transfer hoses provides products designed for moving solid materials, liquids, harsh chemicals, and more!So you may see the rubber suction hose also divided into hydraulic suction hose,oil suction hose,water suction hose.

We offer suction hoses made from a wide variety of materials to handle the requirements of different applications. Materials used to make our extraction JYM products include: polyethylene co polymer, PVC, thermoplastic rubber, and polyurethane. Each of these types of materials present their own unique benefits for use in suction hoses. This wide assortment of flexible suction hose materials allows the end-user to select an ideal hose product based on budget, media temperature, negative or positive pressures, wear resistance, chemical compatibility, and more.

Our polyethylene material transfer hoses are ideal for suction applications involving both solid and liquid materials. This line of suction hoses also features excellent flexing characteristics providing great flexibility, while its smooth interior maintains a strong and efficient airflow. Some types of suction hoses also feature anti-kinking properties which prevent the flex ducting from bundling up on itself, and helps to abate the potential for blockages or clots to form.

PVC, thermoplastic, and polyurethane suction hoses

Our PVC, thermoplastic, and polyurethane suction hoses feature a wide range of unique characteristics to meet different material handling demands. All three hose materials are available in a variety of wall thickness. The heavier-walled hoses offers more wear and pressure resistance while they have less flexibility due to the heavier gauge material used in construction. The lighter the wall the more flexible and compressible the flex hose. All three of these transfer hoses have excellent chemical resistance, making them an ideal choice for working with harsh chemicals that could be damaging to ducting made of different materials. Also, both the PVC and polyurethane material extraction duct features clear options that are made of materials approved by the FDA for the handling of food and pharmaceutical materials, highly sensitive applications where maintaining sterility and cleanliness is key, and needs to be maintained at all times.

Water suction hose

Water suction hose can be found across many industries (for potable water hoses refer to our Food Hose Section) to transfer water, waste water, non-critical chemical solutions, septic, and other general fluids. “Rubber” Water suction hoses are built to handle more rigorous applications which can be subject to abuse, pressures, or elements. They are heavier in weight than PVC or lighter duty EPDM water suction hoses, but of course more expensive. It should be noted that all “water” hoses are not typically designed for critical applications or permanent piping systems. Contact us for recommendations on critical water supply lines. We stock large quantities of water hoses from economical to premium grades.

The best way to receive the proper Suction Hose for your application, is to speak with one of our experienced hose specialists. JYM supplies a wide range of Plastic / PVC Suction Hose, Rubber Suction Hose, EPDM Suction Hose, NBR Suction Hose, including Bulk Suction Hose and Custom Suction Hose Assemblies. So please contact us here for more information.