Water Hoses Applications

JYM makes a wide variety of hose styles for water suction and discharge applications. Each product is manufactured utilizing the components and construction which makes it best suited for the job to be performed. Whether you need braided and spiral hoses , JYM uses the latest technology in wire and synthetic textile yarns. As a result, our hoses are pressure and vacuum resistant, as well as flexible and easy to handle and assemble.

Water suction and discharge hose

Common applications include:
1) suction and delivery of water, mud and slurries; agriculture fertilizers, slat water
2) Medium duty suction of water, salt water, light chemicals
3) Discharge of water in agricultural and industrial applications, mines and quarries.
4)Transfer of water , liquid , diluted fertilizers and pesticides; pumping , suction and discharge of water and slurries
5) High pressure cleaning and degreasing
6) High pressure sewer cleaning.