Water hose also includes industrial water hose, rubber water hose, garden hose as a flexible tube used to convey water. There are a number of common attachments available for the end of the hose, such as sprayers and sprinklers (which are used to concentrate water at one point or to spread it over a large area). Hoses are usually attached to a hose spigot or tap.

Garden hoses (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garden_hose) are typically made of extruded synthetic rubber or soft plastic, often reinforced with an internal web of fibers. As a result of these materials, garden hoses are flexible and their smooth exterior facilitates pulling them past trees, posts and other obstacles. Water hoses are also generally tough enough to survive scraping on rocks and being stepped on without damage or leaking.

Water hoses from JYM are manufactured for the most rigorous professional demands. Superior design and construction offer high-burst strength, all weather durability and crush-proof couplings. These capable commercial garden hoses have been engineered specifically for the most selective customer.


There are many factors to consider when trying to choose the right garden hose. So what options you need to know?

1.Matching Hose Types to Your Needs

  • Choose a vinyl hose for easy handling.
    Pick a rubber hose for more durability.
  • Opt for a reinforced hose for commercial purposes.
  • Look for an industrial hose if you’ll be using hot water.
  • Choose a sprinkler or soaker hose for regular lawn watering.
  • Pick an expandable hose for light watering needs.
  • Select a hose with antimicrobial protection.

2.Considering Length, Diameter, and Overall Quality

  • Choose the length based on the size of your property.
  • Let your pressure needs determine the diameter.
  • Look for cast brass fittings.
  • Pick a brass nozzle to reduce leaks.
  • Bend the hose to see if it kinks before purchasing it.

 3.Caring for your Hose

  • Store your hose on a reel to reduce damage.
  • Drain the hose before the first frost.
  • Bring your hose indoors during the winter.

More details you can check here https://m.wikihow.com/Choose-the-Right-Garden-Hose

Here at JYM, we carry hoses from a heavy duty water hose to a lightweight garden hose, as well as the popular garden hose. From every day watering of flower beds to professional farm use, the right hose with the right pressure capacity, size, and construction is vital to your task. We also offer a rubber water hose that can be used with hot or cold water, perfect for your changing needs. Browse our wide selection of hoses that we offer for the every day home gardener or the commercial grade water hose user, as well as garden hose reels, found here to keep your hose in its best condition.

These versatile and flexible 5/8″ water hoses boast improved durability and wear resistance. They are available in a variety of length options from 25 to 100 feet. They are the best fit for landscaping and gardening tasks that require an advanced level of flexibility from the hose. Hoses in this category have a 400+ PSI burst resistance and reinforced crush-proof couplings.

JYM heavy-duty hoses have a scuff-resistant, reinforced jacket that makes them look sleek, protects their surface from signs of wear and makes it easier to wash the dirt off after use.

These hoses are protected with a limited lifetime warranty and will serve your needs for years, leaving you satisfied with your purchase!