Industrial hose flexible hose also named industrial rubber hose. It is mainly used for various industry equipment for software to connect. Compared with rigid tube, the industrial rubber hoses have the same excellent flexibility performance.

Compared with civil rubber hoses, the industrial work have more complex and worse environment. The equipment is stricter to transport hose. Therefore industrial hose has a strict norms and standards from the design, material choice to the production, transportation, and even the final store.

The industrial rubber hose dimensions have a widely range of choice, widespread pressure and temperature and the higher chemical resistance.

JYM industrial hose applications covers all industrial production and circulation field, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, ship, dock, tank car, agriculture, food, beverage, etc, as well as the hot and cold water, steam, ventilation, cooling, fire protection, hydraulic, medium such as air, water, fog, mud, sand, iron grain of all and so on.

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